Vaccine Certificate Download by Aadhaar Number: A Comprehensive Guide

Vaccine Certificate Download by Aadhaar Number: Vaccine certificates are essential in the digital era. It proves immunization, allowing travel and facility use. This certificate may be obtained easily using Aadhaar, India’s ID system. This tutorial takes you through an immunization certificate download by Aadhaar number, giving professional advice and solutions to common issues.

Indian mass immunization is moving quickly. India has given over 2 billion COVID vaccinations since commencing the world’s most considerable immunization effort.

Vaccine recipients want their certificates. What are vaccination certificates? Get them where and why. Read on to learn.

The Value of Vaccine Certificates

Today, a vaccination certificate is crucial. It’s vital for verifying immunization status against common illnesses, especially during the worldwide pandemic. This certificate proves vaccination to persons and authorities.

An immunization certificate helps restore life’s normality. It unlocks safe travel, events, and public areas. This paperwork protects the individual and helps stop infectious illness transmission.

Using Aadhaar, India’s unique identifying system, to provide immunization certificates enhances security and validity. This makes the certificate secure and unforgeable.

An immunization certificate is more than just paper—it helps make society safer and healthier. It represents our public health commitment and offers promise for a post-pandemic future.

Why Download Vaccine Certificates with Aadhaar?

Using Aadhaar to download immunization certificates has several benefits. These convincing factors make Aadhaar a smart choice:

Biometric Authentication: Aadhaar uses biometric solid authentication. This protects sensitive information like immunization records by using fingerprint or iris scans.

Streamlined Process: Integrating Aadhaar into the immunization certificate download procedure speeds up the process. With a simple verification procedure, people may get their certifications quickly.

Reduced Risk of Fraud: Advanced security measures limit the likelihood of fake certifications in Aadhaar. The rigorous verification method restricts vaccination certificate downloads to authorized users.

National Identification System: India’s Aadhaar is linked to critical services. The government assures a uniform and generally recognized vaccination certificate process using this platform.

Ensures Authenticity: Aadhaar integration verifies vaccination certificates. When traveling, entering public venues, or attending events, evidence of immunization is essential.

Official-backed Initiative: Aadhaar’s official backing boosts its credibility. This official endorsement assures individuals that their data is protected.

The government’s strategic choice to use Aadhaar for immunization certificate download supports a secure and efficient approach for citizens. Aadhaar is a reliable platform for vaccination certificates due to its robust authentication method and extensive acceptance.

How to download an Aadhaar-based COVID immunization certificate?

Use Aadhaar to download your COVID-19 immunization certificate online. The Aarogya Setu, UMANG App, Digilocker app, and Cowin site allow vaccination certificate downloads.

We explain how to get your immunization certificate via the portals and applications here.

The Cowin website

1. Access the CoWIN Website.

2. Click the yellow ‘Register/Sign In Yourself’ button. First-time users must register with their picture ID (Aadhaar Card/ Driving License/ PAN Card/ Passport/ Pension Passbook), name, and birth year. These details must match your vaccination information. OTPs allow registered users to log in.

3. After receiving your first dosage, the ‘certificate’ option will appear underneath your name.

4. Click the ‘certificate’ option to download your certificate.

Aarogya Setu app

The vaccination certificate service requires CoWin registration with your Aadhar number.

1. Download the Aarogya Setu app on iOS or Google Play.

2. Click the top CoWIN tab and choose ‘Vaccination Certificate’.

3. Bring the 13-digit beneficiary reference ID.

4. Enter the number to view and download the certificate.

App Digilocker

1. Obtain the Digilocker app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

2. When using the app for the first time, you will be prompted to register your personal information, including your name, date of birth, gender, contact number, and Aadhaar Card number. Set your username.

3. After logging in, navigate to the ‘Health’ area on the home page and click the ‘Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’ button to access the ‘Vaccine Certificate’ option.

4. Bring the 13-digit beneficiary reference ID.

5. Enter the number to view and download the certificate.


The vaccination certificate service requires CoWin registration with your Aadhar number.

1. Download the UMANG app from Google Play or iOS App Store.

Step 2: Register using an OTP and set up your MPIN for first-time app use.

3. Select “Health” from the categories marked with a pink heart and symbol.

4. Click “Co-WIN” at the top and click the arrow next to “Download Vaccination Certificate”.

5. Enter your cellphone number and verify using an OTP.

6. Select the beneficiary whose certificate you want to download from the menu if you have registered several beneficiaries on that number.

After selecting the recipient, click the blue “Download” button to acquire the certificate.

Expert Advice for a Smooth Process

1. Update Aadhaar

Verify your Aadhaar information before starting. Any differences might cause authentication concerns.

2. Use a reliable Internet connection

Downloading without interruptions requires a reliable internet connection.

3. Guard Your OTP

Keep your OTP private to protect your data.

Countries recognizing India’s vaccination certificate

THE MEA has compiled a list of countries that have agreed to recognize travel immunization certificates.

Over 145 nations agree with India to recognize immunization certificates of domestically or WHO-recognized vaccines. Similarly, other countries do not have an agreement with India yet exclude completely vaccinating Indian nationals with domestically or WHO-recognized vaccines.


The process takes how long?

Enter your Aadhaar number; downloading the certificate usually takes a few minutes.

Can I Download Family Certificates?

Family members’ Aadhaar numbers can be used to download certificates.

Is Aadhaar Authentication Required?

Aadhaar authentication is required for certificate correctness and authenticity.

How do I handle process errors?

If issues occur, double-check your Aadhaar and try again. Please get in touch with CoWIN support if the problem persists.

Can I use the Certificate on Multiple Devices?

The certificate may be accessed on any PDF-reading device after downloading.

Vaccine Certificate Download by Aadhaar Number: Cost?

The government provides this service for free.


The inclusion of Aadhaar into vaccination certificate downloads is a step toward a safer, more connected society. Advanced biometric authentication and a national identity system are significant steps toward safe and efficient healthcare documentation. Aadhaar streamlines vaccination verification and prevents fraud. This government-backed effort promotes public health and safety.

 It gives citizens documentation of vaccination, helping them navigate post-pandemic life. This technology-driven strategy brings healthcare closer to being accessible, dependable, and innovative. Aadhaar-enabled vaccination certificate downloads demonstrate a shared commitment to protecting lives and building a robust and connected society.

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