Best Thumbtack Alternatives in 2023 To Hire Local Professionals

Are you looking to hire local pros? Have you tried thumbtack? Thumbtack is a US-based website that provides the facility to hire local pros from nearby places. The app is also available for this purpose. This is an American website that allows users to find and compare local professionals for any work.

From this website, you can hire lawyers, DJs, or real estate agents. This platform is almost 12 years old. In a very short time, thumbtack got famous and became popular in the market. It helps medium size companies.

This platform was founded in 2008. Thumbtack gained tremendous attention from the business community. This thing made it one of the top platforms for home services. A lot of investors have contributed their investment. According to the report of July 2021, this platform earned $275 million.

Thumbtack Alternatives

Thumbtack is not the single platform that provides local hiring services. There are some potential competitors that provide the same services. The major competitors of Thumbtack are Yelp, home advisor, Task Rabbit, and Angi.


Thumbtack provides services in several categories. These categories include home repair, home renovation, house painting, home flooring, design and web, pets, lessons, crafts, personal, writing, events, wedding, and others. You can hire professionals for the said services.

How Does Thumbtack Work?

Thumbtack provides the local pros to complete the job you may seek. Until now, this platform has performed very well.

Currently, almost 1000 different types of local services are available on this website. Thumbtack works in the following manner:

Professionals register themselves on the website

Provide the detailed correct information

People visit this website to find professionals

Look at prices and reviews

Discuss with pros.

Thumbtack Competitors: Alternative Apps and Websites

Here, we are going to explore 10 best alternatives of the thumbtack. If you want to find a good alternative, you need to depend on ease of use and reliability.


TaskRabbit is one of the best alternatives of a thumbtack. If you plan to move to a new house, you’ll need someone to help you. So, TaskRabbit is the best option for you to hire a local person for this.

This website works like a thumbtack. It connects with freelancers to provide the opportunity for providing the services. These services are very helpful for the common man, time-saving, and reliable.

Task Rabbit provides the best services. However, its services are limited to some areas of US.


If you want quick home services, a home advisor is the best option for you. You can get same-day services from this platform. The services of a home advisor are very fast and reliable.

This is a great alternative of thumbtack and connects professionals. The unique thing about this platform is the option of a refund if you are not satisfied with the work. Moreover, you can check reviews and ratings of past customers.

Amazon Home Services

Amazon Home Services provide convenient services. You can get all types of services from this platform. This is a great thumbtack alternative. If you have any problem in your house, you can consult with the professionals to get a solution.

There are more than 190 categories of Amazon home services. The policies of AHS are flexible with catastrophic features. This thing makes it more reliable than others.


Bloomchase is a new thumbtack alternative that provides similar services. The main office of Bloomchase is in the United States. This website is potentially competing with other similar platforms.

This website also allows users to hire local professionals in the United State and Canada. The working if this website is very simple. You just need to find the relevant pros and hire them. Before hiring an expert, you can chat with him for any query.


Houzz is an online community and program for architecture, interior design, and decoration. An American couple developed it.

As of 2021, 65 million people were using the website, according to Wikipedia reports.

Users may purchase products, browse professionals, and get recommendations for the best pros for the job at Houzz. They can also browse immersive home design ideas curated by a number of artists.


Yelp is another American company that provides home services. It has a website and app for the registration of businesses. However, There are various categories of services available on this platform.

There are also sub-categories available depending on the niche. Furthermore, you can select multiple options under the home service category. Moreover, these options include landscaping, locksmith, electrician, home cleaner, plumbers, and contractors.


TalkLocal is a good alternative of Thumbtack that is very popular. It provides the fastest and most reliable local services while competing with others. There are multiple options available to choose the required services.

Simply, you need to select your location and browse services to connect with professionals. You can select the required pros for the job to get done.


Since its inception, thumbtack has faced competition from the devoted local business Porch.

Since it offers relocating, home improvement, repair, and other essentials like TV, Internet, and insurance. The industry is devoted to making life as simple as possible at home.

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