Interesting Stonk O Tracker Facts

An anonymous stock enthusiast created Stonk O Tracker, a web app. It has garnered attention from Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube “meme-stock” purchasers. Several called the tracker “a laugh website, created for and by apes.”

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Knowing the Stonk O Tracker Interface

The Stonk O Tracker website displays a simple but mysterious message in an orange bar: “Stonk time in 7 hours, 19 minutes, and 54 seconds.” This countdown timer corresponds to the NYSE’s opening time when stock trading begins.

Stonk O Tracker displays AMC’s stock price during the NYSE’s closure and a notable phrase, SSR, meaning “short sale restriction.” next to the countdown timer. Stocks that have dropped 10% or more from the previous trading day are protected from relentless short-selling by the SSR.

The website lists AMC equities traded on Europe’s largest stock exchange, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FRA), with Euro prices. Stonk O Tracker also shows “Calls ITM Expiring,” the number of “In The Money” AMC call options on a given date.

Tracker Indication

The price will be lower than buying that percentage on the open market on that date. The owner is in the funds. Could maintain difference. Stonk-O-Tracker tells AMC and GME traders how much of each company’s shares can be borrowed rapidly.

Short sellers will pretend to borrow stocks from a broker, wait for the price to drop, and sell them back for profit.

Stock can be borrowed less when inventory is closely shorted. The image below shows that distribution required 400,000 AMC stocks. Still, listen to Stonk-O-Tracker’s author. Interactive Brokers sets stock borrowing limits. The best way to ascertain how many stocks they can lend is this. It is a fantastic indicator of what is happening but not of borrowed stock totals.

The Direct Registration System lets shareholders secure GME and AMC equities without a brokerage. Many shareholders wish to prevent rapid sellers from taking over stores.

The aim is that GME and AMC buyers will use DRS as sufficient. Market makers will struggle to lower stock rates.

The Direct Registration System

Stonk O Tracker stresses the importance of the Direct Registration System (DRS) for shareholders who want to protect their GME and AMC equities without a brokerage. The DRS gives shareholders direct ownership of their shares, making stock price manipulation harder for short sellers.

Metrics and Monitoring

In addition to stock indicators, Stonk O Tracker analyzes “Reverse Repurchase Agreements” (RRP) or “Reverse Repos” and the “US Daily Treasury Statement.” The Overnight Reverse Repurchase Facility of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is used to temporarily drain money from the system by borrowing securities from the balance sheet.

The tracker’s “US Daily Treasury Statement” details the Federal Government’s “modified coins basis.” coin and debt transactions.

Website Upkeep and Donation Request

Stonk O Tracker’s developer notes that the website is not for profit and requests donations to pay costs. PayPal gifts are guaranteed for charity beyond the website’s operating costs.

Accuracy and Considerations

Users should realize its accuracy has been questioned before using Stonk O Tracker’s measurements and indicators. Users should also read the website carefully before making big financial decisions.

The “Tits-Up-Tracker” video displays feature these metrics:

The “Reverse Repurchase Agreements” (RRP) and “US Daily Treasury Statement.” Reverse Repurchase Agreement usage implies using the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Overnight Reverse Repurchase Facility. This allows the bank to borrow securities from its balance sheet to withdraw additional money from the machine and repay it the next day.

The “US Daily Treasury” claim on the “Tits-Up-Tracker” measures the Federal Government’s currency and debt operations on “a changed coins basis.” Stonk-O-Tracker claims it does not seek profit. So, he asks for donations to fund running costs. I’m doing OK, but continuing if this explodes like the inventory may be more challenging.

What are Stock Call Options?

People acquire AMC stock or call options. Call options are bets on contract execution by a specific date.

In ‘bundles,’ premiums are reduced, making these contracts appealing.

Call option buyers expect stock prices to rise dramatically.

ITM calls expiring: This is the number of calls on the specified date.

If an investor puts a strike price of $49 by Friday and Friday’s price movement is $55, the call option expires in the money (ITM).

Number of Stonk-O-Tracker calls ITM expiring on the date specified.

ITM Calls: ITM calls are options expiring at a specific dollar amount.

The reference above lists 21,823 $50 calls expiring in the money.

The borrowed shares are the number of shares short sellers can short a stock.

Shorting a stock or driving down its price lowers this figure.

Short sellers can borrow more shares after using some. However, this is costly.

The chart-listed cost applies to shorts.

Last Lines

PayPal promises donations will “visit a charity” beyond walking costs for the typical investor with a $1,500 trading account who may not always be able to follow every trend or data. Online websites might be confusing.

The Stonk-O-Tracker’s accuracy was debated before we got into the details. Even if it is, clients should endeavor to understand more than the basics before investing a lot of money.

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