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Saudi Scholarship: This scholarship is offered by the Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia, to undergraduate students. Masters and PhD studies are not included in this.

First of all, let me tell you that it is not mandatory to get an attestation from IBCC to apply. This can be done after the acceptance letter.

Birth Certificate

Some people ask what is the need for a birth certificate when the identity card has been made. While they are also asking for an ID card in the optional documents on the website, it should be understood that the birth certificate must also be uploaded. It is made in two or three days for a few hundred rupees from the Union Council. There is no complicated process.

Police Character Certificate

When the website is converted from Arabic to English, the name of the police character certificate is written something like this (Certificate of absence from security precedents).

Every tehsil and district has a police service center. It builds from there.

Result Card

It is also called a mark sheet, and its name is written (Grade statement and score detection) due to converting the website to English language. In Arabic, it is called Kashf al-Darjad. You can view the website by converting it to Arabic language.

Intermediate Certificate

Some people ask that matriculation documents are also required. This scholarship is for Bachelor’s and Diploma. As you know, intermediate documents are required for bachelor studies; matriculation documents are unaffected. Although it happens in Pakistan 😅 here, you must upload intermediate documents.

Those who have entered in 2023 should take the Provisional Certificate from their college and upload it.

Medical Certificate/Report

These can be done from any government hospital. Every hospital has its format, which they stamp and sign after conducting some tests. Or you can download a format from the HEC website through this link (…/Proforma%20for%20Medical…), which you can take the test after that, it can get stamped and signed by any government doctor.

Character Certificate

You will get it along with the certificate from your college. If you still need to, then you can go again and get it.

Identification Card

This also became an identity picture due to changing the language 😅.

Recommendation Letter

One gets a recommendation letter from the college; sometimes, they give it themselves along with the certificate, and sometimes they have to take it. The rest of what is written here is to write a letter of recommendation from someone well-known, well-educated, and known to the world. Apart from that, a graduate of a good university, like some people, writes a recommendation from a graduate of Madina University and uploads it, and it works there, too.

Finally, many people need help understanding what sponsorship is written because sponsorship is a different thing. A recommendation letter is a different thing, and it is also written like this because of language change. If you look again in the Arabic language, the wording of the recommendation letter will be the same.

Abstract: Saudi Scholarship

What Documents are Required for a Saudi scholarship?

Necessary Documents

1. Result Card/Mark Sheet of Intermediate

2. Certificate of Intermediate

3. Birth Certificate

4. Photo ID cards of parents

5. Passport

6. Medical Certificate

7. Police Character Certificate

Optional Documents

1. Character Certificate

2. Recommendation letter

3. identification card

4. English Proficiency Certificate (other documents)

Optional Documents for Saudi Scholarship

I suggest preparing the optional documents as well. Chances of acceptance will increase.

The documents to be translated into Arabic include:

1. Result Card/Mark Sheet of Intermediate

2. Certificate of Intermediate

3. Birth certificate

4. Medical certificate

5. Police Character Certificate

6. Character Certificate

7. Recommendation letter

IELTS is optional here. You have to select this during the application process. If one selects, there is an option to upload at the end; otherwise not.

How will the Documents be Translated?

Most students think of uploading by translating from Google Translate or any website and then advising each other to do the same.

If you think that scholarship is grandma’s homemade semolina halwa, you will never get it. Pakistan has 600 seats, and how many people will apply from all over Pakistan? You can imagine because nowadays, everyone is thinking of going out of Pakistan after intermediate. Therefore, if your documents are complete and sound, your profile will be considered.


Every city has registered/certified translators who can provide you with translation of documents for a fee. Please upload the official translation there.

I have shared the numbers of some translators in the comments. You can contact them.

Deadline: Scholarship Documents Details

7 December 2023

Application Link

I hope you will understand. If you want to ask anything about scholarships besides that, please be present.

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