This is the Complete Guide on How to Remove a Watermark from TikTok Video

TikTok has rapidly risen to the status of a must-have smartphone app. The TikTok watermark can be a hassle if you want to use videos you obtained from the app for commercial purposes. How can I remove the TikTok watermark on my video? Can I get a video without the watermark? The methods described in this article can be used to remove the TikTok watermark from videos uploaded from a computer or a mobile device.

Do You Know TikTok Watermark?

TikTok videos have a “watermark,” the TikTok logo with the user’s name. Copyright and marketing considerations demand that the media’s source be made explicit, preventing unauthorized redistribution of the videos.

TikTok embeds a moving watermark into the video that can be difficult to edit off. In this article, we’ll show you how to remove the TikTok logo from your videos.

Cropping the Video by Zooming in

You only need a smartphone to remove the watermark and crop the video.

1. To crop a video, step one is to open it in Photos.

2. Select “Edit” from the menu at the upper right.

3. Select the “Crop” button in the lower-right

4. Pinch to enlarge and adjust the video’s size to remove the watermark.

Because the watermark moves around, you’ll need to trim more than one section of your movie. Click “Done” to store the trimmed version of the video.

While this may appear the quickest solution, it cuts out essential details from the original video or text when zoomed in. The video’s aspect ratio could be altered, and the method could be shared with a border around the material on other sites.

Due to these issues, we don’t recommend cropping to remove the TikTok watermark.

Put a Frame Around the Video

To hide your TikTok watermark, use any basic video editing app on your phone or PC to place a border or frame around your video.

Bordering a video is not preferable for the same reasons that cropping it is not: it looks terrible, covers too much of the screen, and could potentially chop out parts of the video, giving the impression that the video quality is lower than it is. However, adding a video border is a simple and efficient solution for videos where the watermark will have minimal visual impact.

How to Remove TikTok Watermark by App?

Searching the App Store for “remove TikTok watermark” returns many results for apps that do just that.

There are so many choices that they might need clarification. Choosing between SaveTok, SaveTik, Saver Tok, TokSaver, and TikSaver can be obscure. Before you download any of them, you should realize that they have no connection to the TikTok program. All of these programs are illegal hacks that remove watermarks. If TikTok ever modifies its API, it may stop operating.

To begin with, not all of these programs have a watermark removal feature. TokSaver is one such app that allows you to store your favorite TikTok videos without downloading them to your device.

Second, take the time to read the testimonials. As TikTok’s popularity rises, more and more businesses are springing up to cash in on aspiring content creators, creating ideal conditions for con artists to make empty promises of overnight success. The reviews painted a different picture, even though every app we looked at had a minimum of four stars.

Blur the Watermark on TikTok Video

TikTok’s watermark can be hidden in desktop and mobile apps by obscuring it with a logo or text. Open your film with your preferred video editing software, find the logo you want to hide it with, drag it to the overlay track, and set the time.

It may be necessary to blur the TikTok watermark rather than remove it if an essential element of your video is located where the watermark shows. You can remove the TikTok watermark selectively with an online blurring tool. The original watermark should be covered with a more petite video.

This technique uses external programs or technologies to get the desired blurring effect for the watermark. To hide the watermark, which moves about as the movie plays, you’ll need to apply many blur effects at various points in the video.

TikTok Watermark Removal Instructions For the iPhone

You can quickly remove the watermark on iPhone easily. Regardless of your approach, the first step is to get your video file onto your computer.

First, select the swooping arrow between the “Like” and “Comment” buttons (the “Share” icon).

After clicking “Share,” a list of available applications and TikTok accounts will appear. In the third column, you’ll notice an option to “Save Video.”

Click it to download the TikTok video to your mobile device.

Is There a Good Way to Remove TikTok watermark?

It would be best to use whatever method you find most effective for removing the TikTok watermark.

When considering cost and convenience, Hopper HQ is your best bet. It removes the watermark and makes it easy to share your TikTok videos without the watermark on other sites.

Let’s review the alternate possibilities:

If you try to zoom in and remove the watermark from the movie, you can cut off crucial footage or distort the image, rendering the video unwatchable.

Cropping the video with an unnecessary border makes it look amateurish and low-quality.

Blurred watermarks produced by online and app-based video editors are challenging to work with and distracting.

Apps that claim to remove the watermark from downloaded videos typically force you to pay for a premium version or inundate you with adverts in the free version.

Hopper HQ is a good choice if you want to use features like repurposing material, scheduling video posts, and adding hashtags.

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