Apps to Make Money: Unleashing the Potential

Apps offer a plethora of options for individuals seeking a convenient means of Make Money. With a smartphone, you can sell your unwanted items, take surveys, work a side job, and much more.

The lowdown on seven free money-making apps is provided here. Apps with a minimum of 25,000 reviews and four stars from Google Play and the iOS App Store were taken into consideration by NerdWallet.

Seven of the top apps for earning money


How it works: With over 2,000 partnered shops, Ibotta allows you to earn cash back on both in-store and online purchases. It began with groceries and has now grown to encompass pet supplies, apparel, entertainment, and dining out. Offers may be retailer- or product-specific, and some may be applied automatically. Others will require you to finish an extra job, like watching a film or answering a survey.

In retailers, there are three ways to get cash back: After your shopping trip, you have seven days to upload your receipt using the app, add offers, link your merchant loyalty accounts, or buy a retailer gift card using the Ibotta app. You may use the app or the Ibotta browser plugin on your computer to shop online.

Payment options include direct bank transfer, PayPal, and digital gift cards.

Advantages: Cash back on in-store purchases is awarded promptly, usually in less than a day. In addition, Ibotta provides a range of payment options, referral bonuses, and a welcome bonus for new customers.

Cons: Earning money can take a while. To redeem your earnings, you need to have at least $20 in cash back (some gift cards demand at least $25 in earnings). The waiting period for receiving cash back while shopping online differs depending on the store. In addition, Ibotta levies an account maintenance fee for deleted or inactive accounts (no activity for six months). Your balance, not your bank account, is used to cover the cost.

Download: iOS, Android.


The way it works: Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, gives customers cash back when they make purchases from reputable stores, eateries, and food delivery services. Also, users can get cash back on gift cards, travel, and other purchases. It states it clearly: Make an account, click on the store in the app that you wish to shop at and complete the transaction via the portal. If you first activate the deal using the app, you may also link a credit or debit card to your Rakuten account to get cash back in-store. After verifying the transaction with the shop, which Rakuten claims may take a few hours to several days, the money is credited back to your account.

Money is accepted via PayPal or “Big Fat Check.”

Advantages: You can get cash back on thousands of retailers and purchases, so you’ll probably find discounts where you already buy. A $10 welcome incentive is available to new users following their first eligible purchase. Bonuses for signing up and referring others are also available. By contributing a proportion of your cash-back earnings to charitable partners, you may have an impact.

Cons: You have to spend money in order to make money with most cash-back services. Additionally, you will receive your earnings later; according to Rakuten’s payment schedule, payments are sent out every three months, and in order to receive payment, you must have at least a $5 cash-back balance. You have to keep in mind to start your purchase within the app first, unlike with other applications like Ibotta. It is only possible to receive credit for purchases made outside of the app, if you remember.


How it operates: Swagbucks is a rewards and cash-back app. Through Swagbucks, you may earn points, or “SB,” by completing tasks like watching videos, playing games, answering surveys, shopping online at over 1,500 partner stores, and more. These points can be exchanged for cash back into your PayPal account or gift cards. The total points given out for each assignment can change. For instance, the usual value of a survey is between 40 and 200 SB points. Depending on the payment type you select, there are gift cards with minimum balance requirements as low as 110 SB.

Pay with PayPal or an e-gift card. Additionally, you can use the new Cryptovoucher Gift Card options to exchange SB for Bitcoin.

Advantages: There is no waiting period to cash in, and Swagbucks offers a variety of simple ways to earn rewards. After redemption, payments typically come within ten business days. When you sign up, you can also receive a $10 incentive after making a qualifying $25 purchase.

Cons: The payout is little; one SB is only worth a penny or so. Making a significant sum of money can need some time and effort because many chores are just worth cents. Furthermore, you won’t be eligible for every survey or assignment, but individuals who don’t qualify can still earn up to 5 SB every day. Consumers frequently complain about being removed from surveys mid-way through. According to Swagbucks, this might be caused by demographics or by dishonest or inconsistent responses.

Download: iOS, Android.

Upwork And Fiverr

How it works: Fiverr is a website where freelancers can find jobs in more than 200 areas, including video animation and programming. First, register, after which you can designate your profile as a “seller” and highlight your areas of expertise. Post the job you’re offering, along with a description of your services and the cost. Prices start at $5 and go up to $995. Customers, or “buyers,” can browse and place orders. Pay will be given to you after the task is finished. Fiverr assigns seller tiers according to performance. You will be able to sell more “extras,” like a quicker delivery time, as you advance through each tier.

Payment options include PayPal, direct bank transfer, or credit to a prepaid Fiverr Revenue Card. Depending on which option you select, there may be a minimum withdrawal amount and a withdrawal fee.

Pros: Since buyers come to you, you don’t have to bother about finding them. You may also get gratuities. Another selling point of Fiverr is its flexibility, which lets sellers finish gigs on their schedule or between 9 to 5 days of employment.

Cons: Fiverr deducts 20% of your total profits from each gig, including tips. Additionally, withdrawal requests must be made 14 days after an order is completed; top-tier sellers must wait seven days for cash to settle.

Take Up Freelance Writing

Because there is always a need for content, freelance writers are in high demand these days. If you’re a skilled writer, you might be wasting your time sitting at home doing nothing since our world is driven by content. You can get well-paying writing work as a freelancer.

Use freelance markets to find legitimate clients or register with some internet businesses that collaborate with independent contractors to meet client needs. iWriter, TextBroker, Fiverr, Upwork, and many more are available for use.

 Provide Services for Visual Assistants

You can work as a virtual assistant for an individual or business. The responsibilities performed by visual assistants are numerous and varied. You could handle emails by reading and responding to them, answer calls on someone else’s behalf, or assist with research for certain projects. On platforms like Fiverr, Upwork,, and others, virtual assistants promote their services.

Educate Online

Numerous venues hire teachers to instruct various subjects online. Teachers are known to be hired by websites such as VIPKids, QKids, and numerous others to instruct kids virtually. Numerous of these websites provide bonuses for exceptional achievement in addition to paying at least $15 per hour. Therefore, no matter where you find yourself, if you are an exceptionally good teacher, you can earn or make money online from these platforms.

Take Up Self-Publishing as an Author

Anyone can now publish their book without needing to pay for printing up front, thanks to self-publication. Numerous services will publish your book as soon as a customer purchases a copy. In addition to taking care of delivery and refunds, the publishing business gives you a sizable portion of the sale. You, too, may become a millionaire by publishing on Amazon Kindle, as many authors have done. If you have a strong background in any particular profession or a flair for storytelling, you may create a free Kindle account and begin selling your books.

FAQs: Make Money

How can I pick the best software for my freelance work?

Examine your abilities and see how they fit the needs of the platform. To make an informed choice, take into account user reviews and platform policies.

Can I actually use investing apps to generate a sizable profit?

Yes, but it’s important to do your homework and have a well-planned game plan before you begin. There are hazards associated with investing; only make investments you can afford to lose.

Do e-commerce apps come with any additional fees?

Examine each platform’s terms and conditions. Some might impose monthly membership fees or transaction fees. Select a platform that fits your spending limit.

How can I differentiate myself in a crowded freelance market?

Create a distinctive and captivating profile. Present your abilities in a portfolio and communicate with them straightforwardly and concisely.

Is it wise to use more than one investing app at once?

Although diversity is beneficial, exercise prudent investment management. Check the functionality of each program and make any necessary modifications.

Do any apps that promise financial success exist?

Success is contingent on a number of things, such as market conditions, talent level, and perseverance. No app can ensure success; hard work and persistence are necessary.


Starting the app-to-Make Money path can lead to previously unheard-of prospects. These apps offer a variety of routes to financial success for investors, entrepreneurs, and freelancers alike. Accept the opportunities, keep yourself informed, and let the applications do the heavy lifting.

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