Best Ways to Make Money in OSRS

Making money is essential in OSRS—new items and equipment for skill advancement cost gold. Finding the most efficient approaches to gold farming is essential. Maximum hourly earnings are objective. In OSRS, effectiveness is paramount. Keep in mind that they are the most well-liked entry-level solutions. However, because market conditions are dynamic, the estimated average profit may alter if you put these strategies into action on your own.

How to Make Money in OSRS: Best Methods

Farming Gold in the Free-to-Play Version of Old School Runescape

We have selected three entirely optional methods for making money. While these strategies won’t yield the highest hourly earnings, they’re a great place to start for players who could be more skilled in combat or crafting. You’ll need cash before expecting any actual returns from these strategies. With more significant capital, you can acquire and process the necessary materials more quickly.

Wines of Zamorak and Nature Runes can be telegrabbed.

Alchemy and Superheat Item are only two examples of transmutation spells that use nature runes. Spells like Entangle, Snare, and Bind are more examples.

The most prevalent free-to-play means of acquiring them is telegrabbing, in which players use telekinesis to capture high-level spawns south of bigger monsters in the Wilderness. You’ll need an Air Rune and a Law Rune to learn this Magic talent at level 33; if you have a Staff of Air, you’ll only need the former. This knowledge will be helpful because of the potential dangers in the area.

There are far safer ways to gain this, but this is one of the quickest methods, earning roughly 300,000 gold every hour.

However, if you feel uneasy about telegrabbing nature runes, Wines of Zamorak is a safe option. Like nature runes, it can only be obtained by teleporting to the end of the Deep Wilderness Dungeon. Be wary, though, for monks will become hostile toward the caster if telegrabbing is used on them. However, the reward of 150-250k gold per hour makes the danger worthwhile.

It’s expensive since it’s a key ingredient in potions like Bastion Potion, which raises both Defense and Ranged and Ranging Potion, which boosts Ranged.

Extraction of Runite

You’ll need Mining level 85 to use this strategy. If you do this for an hour, you can make up to $450.000. Raising your mining level to the point where you can buy a bond will take an extremely long time, so consider farming Ankous instead. Then, you could join a members-only community and make a lot of cash.

It would help if you traveled to the Wilderness Rune Maze to reunite ore. You’ll find it northwest of the Lava Maze, in the Wilderness on level 46. It’s a PK-heavy zone, so you must be prepared to world-hop.


Theft is an excellent source of income for many people and one of the easiest talents to acquire. It’s easy to train and unlocks amazing prizes at higher levels.

Before attempting any thieving technique (presuming you have 50 thieving), you should prioritize getting a rogue’s clothing. You can boost your productivity and earnings per hour by doing this.

It would help if you robbed Vyres.

Earnings per hour: $2.71 million

Level: 82

In addition to high thieving levels, reaching Vyres requires completing many tasks. Your thieving income is at its peak, and you can afford to take a break from the game.

Thieving elves

Earnings: $2,250,000 an hour

Level: 87

The thieving level required to steal from an elf is higher than a tire’s, and the elf rewards are lower.

The P2P Gold Farming Guide for Old School RuneScape

Making money in Old School RuneScape is much simpler once you sign up as a member. You can maximize your earnings now that all the limitations imposed by the game’s free-to-play model have been removed.

This strategy is predicated on the fact that processed Dragonhide Leather is usually more valuable than raw material. The potential gain is highly sensitive to the price spread between the several hides.

Be sure to compare Dragonhide’s buying price to dragon leather’s selling price. Pick the hue that most clearly differentiates itself from the others. It would help if you then stocked up on Dragonhide before visiting Al Kharid.


Bossing, or killing bosses, is a popular activity in Old School RuneScape and an excellent method to earn RS cash. The game has dozens of bosses, but I’ll only name a few of them and how much money you can anticipate making from them in this guide.

Fear Itself

Earnings per hour: $4,300,000

Demands: Strictly High

The Nightmare is one of the game’s newest bosses and one of its most distinctive. It lacks other bosses’ resources and reliable income but makes up for it with insanely powerful special drops. More than 800,000,000 GOLD could fall from the sky in one of these drops.

Playground of Carnage

Earnings per hour: $3,2,000,000

Demands: Strictly High

When it comes to making money, nothing beats Raids 2, also known as Theatre of Blood. The Theatre frequently drops the Scythe of Vitur and other best-in-slot equipment. Unfortunately, it is a strongly guarded means of gaining money because it takes time to complete one raid and requires an entire team.

Swapping Out Molecules

Aside from being exclusive to P2P players, exchanging Mole Parts is a lucrative skill-free way to get money in Old School RuneScape.

The first step is to go to the Grand Exchange. Buy as many moleskin and claws as possible once you get there. Get a Mole claw for every two Mole Skins you buy. The next step is to bring the mole claws and the Mole Skin with you to Falador.

The Gardener, Wyson, can be found north-northeast of the leading Falador bank. You can barter mole products for nest boxes with him. The next step is to go to the bank and empty the nest boxes into your account. There’s a lot of clicking involved, but the payoff is enormous.

Destroying Volcanic Dragons

Our first approach is a flaming one, and it’s designed for users with a combat level of 3 up to 126. A few runes, an anti-dragon shield, and the guts to face these fire-breathing lava creatures are all needed to slay a lava dragon. Players can bring little gear to the dragons to avoid danger, even though they are in the deep Wilderness (about level 40 wilderness) and so vulnerable to PKers.

Earnings per hour vary from $250k with strike spells to $1,400,000 with max gear. Lava dragon bones, black Dragonhide, lava scales, and various other rare and valuable items are constantly on the ground after a battle with a dragon.

Pack food, an anti-dragon shield, and your best three-item ranged or magical setup.

Use the flaming amulet to teleport to the lava maze.

The island of the lava dragons is to the east.

Locate the molten-hot dragons without getting burned.

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