Do You Know How to Register for JoinPd?

What is

JoinPd is a tool that provides the facility of online classes for students and educators. It allows to connect the presentation through JoinPd code. Are you interested to join the community of In this article, we are going to describe the complete information about this tool.

How to Use

First of all, you need to get some information about this tool. JoinPd is also known as Pear Deck. This tool helps teachers to transfer the presentation into a lesson for students. This tool is interactive and student-teacher friendly. got popular during covid-19. It is specially designed for online classes and is useful for both students and teachers.

Secondly, you need to sign up to use this platform. After signing in, you have to prepare a presentation. Then, you’ll get the Pear Deck code through email. You’ll send this code to all students who want to join the online class. This tool is very popular in the United States. The official website is

Pear Deck is a tool that encourages students and teachers for interactive learning.

Steps to USe

Go to official website of join Peardeck.

Sign in to your account.

Click the option “Create a presentation.”

Follow the above steps to create a presentation with the given templates. You can add questions and MCQs according to your requirements.

How to Enter JoinPd Code?

Since is a private platform. Therefore, students require access to join the class. Joining is only possible with a code or joining link. The teacher sends a code comprising of 5 digits and students can join the online class by entering the code.

The students only need Google or Microsoft account to access this platform.

Join Through Code  

Go to website

Enter the given code

You have joined the session

Get a joining link from your teacher.

Click on the link.

A browser will open and load Pd session.

How to Create JoinPd Code?

Let’s suppose you are a teacher and want to create JoinPd code. First, you need to make the presentation. You’ll prepare your presentation. JoinPd will create a code for you. This code will be shared with students to give them access to join the online sessions.

Steps to create code

Log in to your account.

Prepare your presentation.

Get 5-digit code.

Share it with others plays a vital role in the learning process. The greatest feature of this tool is ease of access. Moreover, there is a game “Booklet” that can be used to create MCQs quiz for students.

How Can I Join the Online Class on

The teacher prepares the presentation and uploads to JoinPd.con After uploading the presentation, he shares a 5-digit code with students to provide access. Students can access the online class by entering that code.

Furthermore, the teacher has the authority to limit the access and activities of students. He can monitor the progress of pupils by checking the question/answers.

How to Register for JoinPd?

Do you want to register yourself for Join Pd. Below, we have guided step by step for registration.

Go to the official website “”

Click on the “Teacher login” form menu.

There are two options to log in your account. You can log in with your Google account or Microsoft.

Give access JoinPd to your Google Drive.

The tool will ask you some questions. Provide the best answers of those questions.

The setup is complete.

Now you’ll have two options to select your account like a student or teacher account.

Create an account that you want.

If you are a teacher, click on “authorize”. Select your school from the drop-down menu. If you don’t find your school name in the list, you can manually type the school name.

To start your presentation, click on “Get started”. You’ll get Pear Deck access for 1 month. However, you can access all the tools and features with a premium account.

The Uses of

The primary use of JoinPD is for demonstrations. Users have access to a variety of models for help. These additionally consist of text-based challenges, MCQs, and even diagrams.

Since they are made to be interesting, these presentations frequently benefit the pupils. Asking specific questions while using it for tests is another way to engage with it. JoinPD is also user-friendly for learners because it serves various learning modalities by giving users a variety of tools.

In addition to these features, the students can offer comments in an anonymous manner. In order to show their creativity, they can also add slides to the presentation. The “Flashcard Factory” function is another intriguing aspect that helps students’ vocabulary.

Conclusion is the best tool for teachers and students to organize online classes. It provides the best facility to start an interactive learning process. The use of this tool is very easy. Students can join the online session with a 5-digit code provided by teachers.

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