Everything About Imginn You Should Need To Know

Are you looking to save Instagram stories for free? We have found something interesting for you. Imginn is a free Instagram tool that helps to download Instagram stories. In actuality, it is a website that provides the services to find and save posts and stories easily.

You can download multiple posts, stories, photos, and videos from Instagram through Imginn. It can be used on a mobile phone as well as a desktop system. There are a lot of possibilities to share your posts and stories with the audience. This amazing tool can help you to plan your sharing strategy.

Everything About Imginn You Should Need To Know

You can learn everything you should need to know about Imginn in this post by reading the information below.

Learn how to quickly and efficiently take highlights from Instagram stories, such as images, videos, and more. On Instagram, you have a variety of methods for sharing your pictures and videos with people. They may be your close friends or people all across the world.

Imginn might not always provide you with all the resources you require, but it keeps the videos and images organized.

How to Create Imginn Account?

You can create an account on Imginn in a few simple steps. Follow these steps to create your account.

Step 1: Register for an account

To start downloading Instagram stories and posts, you need to create an account on Imginn first. After having an account, you can access to public posts. Creating an Imginn account is very easy. You don’t need to have specific knowledge for this purpose.

You can simply sign up with a Gmail account. Set your strong password comprising of small and capital letters, numbers, and symbols. After creating your account, verify your identity through your mobile number. Now, you can save multiple stories from Instagram.

Step 2: Sign in to your account

Click the Login button and enter the username and password you set at the time of registration. After providing the credential, you can get access.

Before attempting to log in again if your first attempt is unsuccessful, you should delete all cookies from your browser.

Additionally, keep in mind that all subsequent logins made from a phone or tablet to Imginn will happen automatically. You don’t need to go through registration process again.

Step 3: Find your video

Imginn is one of the favorite apps for downloading individual Instagram stories on iOS and Android mobile devices.

However, you need a mobile device with a downloaded version of Instagram in order to use it. The web browsers are not currently able to access it.

Imginn needs access to your phone’s storage in order to collect video files; therefore this step is quite important.

You can also download Instagram stories, photos and videos from your desktop system. It is also quiet easy. Moreover, some people say that you need software to explore it on desktop but that’s not true. You don’t need any software to use Imginn on your laptop or computer.

Step 4: Watch the video and download it

You must check it after searching any file to make sure that it adheres to your criteria.

Your query doesn’t need to be perfect in terms of grammar and spelling. Once your post has been approved, you can edit it as needed!

After that, access your Tumblr account dashboard and select Settings > Preview Posts.

Once done, click the Save Changes button. Because of your choice, if someone else shares your work, it will initially appear on your Dashboard as a draft. It will give you the option to make any necessary changings before it is made available to the public.

Step 5: To email a video

Please read these guidelines if you want to email a video submission: Click the icon that looks like a camera on your smartphone.

Select the required length for the video by clicking on it. Choose a share choice from those offered.

You should post a link to your Facebook profile on Facebook (without actually viewing it). Get the word out! Send it via email, please. A video was sent by you. You should copy and paste (without a space) the URL of your Twitter profile into Twitter.

Choose how many seconds you want to appear as time. Twitter will compile all of them.

Pasting it into WhatsApp will allow you to establish a link to your profile. Save it! By launching WhatsApp, send it!

What are the advantages of browsing Instagram with Imginn?

It first enables you to see Instagram profiles and images secretly. For those who prefer to browse information anonymously or who wish to keep their profile private, this is the ideal choice.

Second, the service protects your anonymity. You may rest easy knowing that no one will ever see your personal information and that you are not being followed or watched.

Imginn is free and simple to use, and it can be accessed from any device.

How to Download a Story Using Imginn?

Because they can only save stories in parts, many Instagram users trying to save the stories of their favorite personalities on the platform.

Many individuals find it difficult to keep up with their favorite accounts because there are no direct links to save complete stories.

They don’t follow them every day and don’t receive notifications when they post new content.


Imginn is one the best platform to save Instagram stories and posts for free. By creating an account, you can download hundreds of stories and photos. Moreover, you can use it on your mobile phone or desktop system easily.

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