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How to Change Your Name on Facebook?


How to Change Your Name on Facebook: Facebook makes it easy to alter your name to reflect your genuine identity or life changes. If you recently married, changed your name, or want to change it online, this article will help.

Why Change Your Facebook Name?

Name is crucial to internet visibility. Friends, relatives, and coworkers recognize you. Changing your Facebook name ensures your profile appropriately portrays you.

Guided Steps

1. Account Settings

Sign in to Facebook

After clicking the arrow in the top-right corner, select “Settings & Privacy.”

Click “Settings.”

2. Name Editing

Scroll down to “General”.

Select “Edit” under your name.

After changing your name, make sure you select the button labeled “Review Change.”

3. Verifying Change

You’ll need your password for security.

Click “Save Changes” to confirm.

Considerations and Limits

Name-change Frequency

Change your name on Facebook, but with restrictions. Only one update is allowed in 60 days.

Name Types Allowed

Facebook has name restrictions. Variations of your actual name are permissible, but symbols and special characters are not.

Reporting Impersonation

Facebook offers reporting systems to combat name impersonation quickly.

Update Your Profile

Mobile Name Update

Facebook app open.

Choose the three horizontal lines that are located in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Scroll to the bottom and tap the “Settings & Privacy” button. “Name” can be changed by going to “Settings” > “Personal Information” > “Name.”

Name Change on Desktop

Same as above. Repeat the above process.

Impact on Followers and Friends

While changing your name won’t affect your pals, they’ll be alerted. Keep in mind that Facebook prohibits bogus names.

Facebook offers extra tips on changing your name on any device.

Change Facebook Name on Android

To guarantee your Android Facebook profile truly represents you, follow these simple steps to alter your name.

1. Opening the Facebook app

Find Facebook on your Android handset after unlocking. The one with the ‘f’ logo. Tap it to open.

2. Access Account Settings

Look for the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the app after opening. Tapping them opens the options. Scroll down to “Settings & Privacy.”

3. Go to Personal Info

Under “Settings & Privacy,” tap “Settings.” This opens a page with options. Tap “Personal Information” when you reach it after scrolling down the page.

4. Tap “Name”

The “Personal Information” section has “Name.” Tap it to change your name.

5. Change Your Name

A page will let you change your name. Type it exactly as you want it on your profile.

6. Assess Change

Facebook will showcase your new name after you enter it. Verify it thoroughly.

7. Confirm Change

After choosing a name, enter your Facebook password for security. Finally, hit “Save Changes” to confirm.

Vital Considerations

Name changes on Facebook are limited to once per 60 days.

Names: Facebook has name restrictions. Variations are allowed, but symbols and special characters are not.

Your friends will be advised of your name change, but they won’t be affected. However, Facebook prohibits phony names.

How to Change the Facebook Name on the Computer?

1. Select the dropdown tab icon in the top right corner.

2. Select the “Settings & Privacy” option on the “Settings” page.

3. Click “Name”

4. Enter a new name in the name field.

5. Click “Review change”.

6. Enter your password to save your new name.

Facebook Name Change on iPhone and iPad

1. Launch Facebook and tap the three-stacked horizontal lines icon in the bottom right corner.

2. Select “Settings & privacy” from the settings menu.

3. Select “Personal and account information.”

4. Select “Name”.

5. select “Review Change” from the menu after inputting your new name.

6. Enter your password to save changes.

Change Your Name on Facebook Lite

1. Launch Facebook Lite and tap the three-stacked horizontal lines icon in the upper right corner.

2. Open “settings” by scrolling down.

3. Select “Personal and account information.”

4. Select “Name”

5. Click “Edit” under “name.”

6. Select “Review change” after entering your new name.

7. Enter the password to save changes.

Privacy Concerns

Choose who to share your new name with. Privacy options let you control profile visibility.


Changing your Facebook name is easy and lets you identify yourself online. To guarantee a smooth transition, follow Facebook’s rules.

Frequently asked questions

After changing my name, can I change it back?

Yes, but wait 60 days before changing again.

Will my name change affect my following or friends?

The change will be communicated but won’t affect their relationship with you.

Do I want to use a nickname instead of my legal name?

Facebook recommends authentic names, but variations are acceptable.

What if someone impersonates me on Facebook?

Facebook has reporting mechanisms for impersonation.

Can I restrict Facebook users from seeing my new name?

Adjust your privacy settings to restrict profile access.

Want more Facebook tips? USA TODAY covers you.

1. Allow 2FA

Facebook security must be enhanced. Enable 2FA to secure your account.

2. Limit Post Visibility

Select your post viewers in privacy settings. You can set a default audience or edit postings.

3. Browse Facebook Groups

Joining clubs with similar interests might lead to stimulating talks and new friends.

4. Chat quickly on Messenger

Messenger is useful for instant messaging. You may make voice and video calls, too.

5. Filter Newsfeed

Set your news stream to prioritize your closest friends and favorite pages. This keeps you current on your priorities.

6. Keep Interesting Posts

Did you find an article or video for later? Use ‘Save’ to bookmark it for easy access.

7. Manage Notifications

Adjust your notification settings to receive just the most important notifications.

8. Use Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace makes it easy to find local buyers and vendors.

9. Keep up with trends

See what’s hot on Facebook.

10. Check and Update Privacy Settings

Facebook often alters settings and regulations. Check your privacy settings often to make sure they match your choices.

11. Report Suspicious Activity

Report questionable Facebook accounts and activities to keep the community safe.

12. Unfollow, not Unfriend

Unfollow someone to see fewer posts without unfriending them.

13. Check out Facebook Live

Facebook Live lets you interact with your audience live. Great for connecting with friends, followers, and customers.

14. Tell Stories

Story updates, images, and videos expire after 24 hours. It’s fun to update friends.

15. Check App Updates

Get the latest Facebook app for new features and security upgrades.

Enjoy Facebook, but be aware of your online presence!

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