What is Heardle? How to Play the Viral Music Game 

We’re all familiar with and adore the daily word game Wordle, but have you heard of its music-based spin-off, Heardle (yep, pronounced differently from Hurdle)? The music game might just become your new best buddy if words aren’t really your thing or if you’re the person in your group that everyone goes to for help with modern music trivia.

The viral music game is engrossing the internet for good reason, whether you’re predicting a One Direction Heardle or focusing on Harry Styles. It’s pretty horribly compulsive. Say we didn’t warn you, please!

Everything you need to know about the Heardle music game, including the rules, background information, and instructions for using the app, is provided here.

What is Heardle?

Through a website app, you can play a new music game. This is known as Heardle. People can listen to the introduction of the song for getting information about the title and artist. Most streamed songs are available in song tracks. These songs are all throughout of last 10 years.

This website app provides you with six guesses. If you skip any guess or do an incorrect guess, you can listen to songs by unlocking them. You can listen to the song’s introduction in just 16 seconds.

However, people can guess songs much faster and quicker. They can guess it from one second of the song. Is it reliable or not?

How to Play Heardle

If you are interested in the next internet terminology, playing Heardle is the best straightforward option. The app and game are connected to Spotify. Users can get access to a great collection of music.

 It may prove beneficial or challenging depending on the user’s music tastes and knowledge. Let’s get information about music games and guidelines related to how to find the app, play Heardle, and rules.

Heardle Rules

You can get access the Heardle music app through its official website. You cannot download it through any app. Daily posting of new songs is done at midnight (US time). Prediction of the same song is easy on a daily basis.

Press “Play button” for the start of the game. You will find one second of the song’s introduction. Type the name of the song in the search bar that you want to listen to.  Press “skip” to unlock more songs. You can also choose stab in case of an incorrect guess. Your page will run and you can unlock more and more songs.

It will provide you 2 seconds, then 4 seconds, 7 seconds, then 11 seconds, and 16 seconds to guess the music.  The game will finish technically if you do not attempt your sixth guess. You will lose the game.

You can select “Share” to copy an emoji representation of your results to your clipboard at the end of the game. Sharing at social media like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp or Discord is available. But, there is no still option of sharing on Instagram.

What Do the Colors Mean at the End of the Game?

The interesting thing of this game app is the representation of colors at the end of the game. Red squares indicate incorrect guesses. Dark grey squares show your skips and green is for the correct guess. White squares represent unused guesses. It means that you cannot spoil your result. You can share your results with your friends like Wordle.

Downloading the Heardle App

Heardle is not providing any specific application. You can play the game online through the website. However, you can enjoy the game on your mobile phone through the internet browser. Moreover, this game can also be played on a tablet or desktop system.

Is Heardle Linked to Wordle?

Heardle has no connection with Wordle in any way. However, it has been inspired by the concept of Wordle. While the Wordle app only gives you six chances to predict the song, the Heardle music game does give you the option to skip a turn.

While guessing a song on the Heardle app, hearing a new piece of music will provide you additional information regardless of whether you’ve made a guess or not. With Wordle, you only come closer to the solution by guessing a word and seeing whether letters are or aren’t in the correct location.

Add Heardle to Your Daily Games

The interesting thing about Heardle is that you can play the game quickly. You don’t need to have much time. When you get bored from your daily routine, you can play the game to enjoy yourself. If you love Wordle-like games, you will definitely enjoy this Heardle.

However, there is something weak in this game. You should know about songs so that you can guess the correct song. On the other hand, in Wordle, you just need to guess the letter at the right position. Nevertheless, Heardle will be a blast for music lovers.


Heardle is a music game in which people have to guess the song by listening to beats. People can play this game in their spare time. The concept of Heardle is just like Wordle. Everyone can enjoy the game on mobile, tablet, or computer.  

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