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Google Local Guides Program: How To Earn Points & Badges

You can get Google recognition by contributing in Google Maps. Read the article to learn how to earn points and badges by using Google local guide program. Google needs volunteers from all around the world to keep maps updated. It needs valuable information about businesses, places, and tourist points. The volunteers who contribute to this program are called Local Guides.

When people visit new places, they need the information to make decisions. In this situation, Google local guide provides help to get information about restaurants and hotels. The volunteers provide reviews, photos, and videos to benefit such people.

Moreover, local guides get rewards from Google in return. That’s true. To keep maps updated, Google has developed a local guide program that gives rewards to regular volunteers. Google local guide also verifies the information whether it is accurate or not.

Everyone has a chance to join the Google local guide program. He/she can contribute to providing reviews about Google Maps. If anyone is doing this job already, he’ll get recognition definitely. In this article, we are going to describe the basic concept of the Google local guide program, it’s joining, and the types of rewards.

What Is The Google Local Guide Program?

The Google local guide program is just like a game in which you earn points by contributing. Anyone can join this program and contribute to Google Maps and Business profiles. You’ll earn points for every contribution to Google.

When you do this job consistently and earn a set number of points, you move to the next level. After moving to the next level, you can gain new badges. Google recognizes the volunteers in this way. After getting the badge, your name will be displayed with your badge so that everyone can recognize you as a local expert. You just need to provide a review or answer the questions.

Points, Levels & Badges

Let’s talk about points, levels, and badges for contributing to Google.

You can get 10 points for writing a review. However, if you’ll write a review comprising 200 words, you’ll get 20 points. For rating a business, you’ll be awarded 1 point.

Moreover, you can get 5, 3, and 7 points on uploading photos, tagging photos, and uploading videos respectively. Further, you can get 3 points for responding questions and answers, 5 points for adding information, 15 points for adding a new place, 15 points for adding a road, I point for a fact, 10 points for publishing a list, and 5 points for adding a description.

You can get the next level by earning more and more points. To get a badge, you need to reach at level four. The badge will be displayed next to your name on Google Maps.

In the last years, Google offered free cloud storage and discounts on reaching high-level local guides. However, Google is offering only badges currently.

Steps To Join the Google Local Guides Program

Step One

Screenshot from, April 2023

To start your journey with Google local guide program, you need to visit the signup page and click on Get Started.

Step Two

In the second step, select your city and click ” Become a local guide”.

Screenshot from, April 2023

Step Three

Now start contributing to Google Maps. Moreover, you can track your points and level from the dashboard. You can get recommendations of places from Google by allowing Google your location history.

However, you can also contribute to Google local guide program without allowing location history. Locations can be manually looked up for contribution.


Google local guide program is developed to contribute to Google Maps by the volunteers. They can start contributing by simply signup with a Google account.

When you’ll reach level four, you can earn a badge that will be shown next to your name. You can add reviews, photos, videos, places, and businesses to earn points.

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