Fotyomaç: The Perfect Game for Fans of Abstract Strategy (2023)

What Is Fotyomaç?

Fotyomac is a Turkish abstract strategy game for two people to play. It is played on a board that is 6 by 6. Each person playing the game has eight black-and-white pieces. The game’s goal is to capture all of your opponent’s pieces or to stop them so they can’t move any more.

People think the game started in the Ottoman Empire and is still played today. It is like chess, but the rules are a little different. In Fotyoma, for example, pieces can move in any direction, including diagonally. Also, there is no way to “jump” over pieces in Fotyomac. If a piece is blocking the path of another piece, it must be taken.

In Fotyoma, there are two ways to win: taking all of the opponent’s pieces or catching them so they can’t move any more. The game is a draw if neither person has won after all the pieces have been played.

Rules and Gameplay

When playing Fotyomac, players should know a few simple rules and ways of playing. The most important is that the game is played on a square board with a nine-cell grid. The goal is to get a line of three pieces going in any direction. Players take turns putting their pieces on the board.

A person who gets three pieces in a row wins the game. But the game is a tie if both people make a line of three pieces simultaneously. Also, the game ends in a draw if all nine cells on the board are filled, and neither side has won.

Players can only put their pieces on free cells; once they are there, they can’t move them. With these simple rules in mind, let’s look at how the game works.

Features of Fotyomac

Here are some of the features that make Fotyomaç a great game for fans of abstract strategy:

• The game’s easy rules allow for a wide range of possible moves, which means there is always something new to learn.

• The game is tough, but it is also fair. You can play against even the most skilled players with a little practice.

• The game’s simple rules make it easy to learn, but its high strategy complexity makes it always hard.

• If you want a difficult and fun abstract strategy game, you should check it out.

Setting Up the Game Board of Fotyomaç

There are only a few easy steps to setting up the board for a game of Fotyoma. Find a flat area to play the game on first. This could be a table, the floor, or flat surface. Set up the game board once you’ve found a good place to play. The game board is made up of 49 smaller squares, each of which is made up of nine smaller squares.

The board should look like a grid, with nine squares in each row and column. There should be one square in the first row, two squares in the second row, and so on, until the ninth row, which should have nine squares. After setting up the game board, it’s time to put the game pieces where they belong.

Each player needs two game pieces, anything from coins to small stones. The other player will be white, and the first person will be black.

How to win Fotyomac?

There are a few ways to win at Fotyomac. Keep your options open and predict your opponent’s moves. Remember that you can only move one piece at a time, so think ahead and plan your moves carefully. Another strategy is capturing key pieces, like the king or queen. This will give you a big advantage and make you more likely to win.


Fotyomac is a unique abstract strategy game that fans have loved for decades. It’s a great game to play with friends or yourself because it’s fast-paced and uncertain. Its simple rules make it easy to learn but hard to master. Fotyomac will keep you busy for hours, whether you want to compete hard with your friends or do something quick and easy. So grab your board and get ready to challenge yourself in this famous abstract strategy game!

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