DUMPOR – Best Instagram Story Viewer on the Internet

If you are interested to view stories and posts on Instagram accounts, then this article will prove informative for you. Because we shall discuss best web tool for viewing public posts on Instagram. This web tool is known as Dumpor. Through this web tool, users can get access to public profiles. They can check their followers and followings on Instagram.

Posts that they mention can also see by users. You will know about Dumpor and how it works. You will get information about its how to track Instagram profiles. We’ll discuss alternatives of Dumpor to help you imply the job.


Dumpor Instagram viewer helps you to access the Instagram profiles from your PC or laptop. With this website, you can see complete bio of Instagram profile, their links, posts, and followers. The major advantage of this website is you can see the posts that have been deleted by the users.

If you are new to dumpor and have not account, you can see public posts. However, if you want to go deep and want to see all the information, you’ll have to create an account on this website. Here are the steps to see the public profiles through dumpor.

  • First of all, you need to open the website on your web browser.
  • Enter the name in search bar to find the profile that you want to see.
  • You can see profile, tags, locations and posts.
  • Click the on the profile whose posts you want to see.

Dumpor: Features and Benefits

Dumpor is itself nothing. This is a 3rd party tool that provides the information and help you to access the public profiles and their stories. There are multiple features of this website. Some of the features have been discussed here.

Complete Statistics:

The working mechanism of this third-party analytical tool is very fast and excellent. You can see the engagement statistics for each viewer. The engagement statistics means how many people visit the profile of a person and see his posts. With this tool, you can see the engagement rate of any profile.

Track Stories:

Dumpor makes it simple to track engagement across several posts by allowing users to simultaneously view the viewers of numerous Instagram Stories.

User-friendly interface:

The Dumpor app is easy to navigate and use thanks to its clear and approachable app.

Detailed viewer analytics:

Users of Dumpor have access to a list of all Instagram Story viewers, complete with usernames, profile images, and the times and dates of each view. Users may also see who has watched their Stories the most times and whether anyone has taken screenshots.

Free and Paid Versions:

Both a free and a paid version of the app are offered. Free users can only access a small number of functions, but paid users can track up to 100 viewers and have access to more thorough data.

Device Compatibility:

Dumpor is compatible with all types of devices. You can use this website on your android, iphone or desktop system.

How to Download Instagram Stories Using Dumpor?

If you really want to download the Instagram posts thorough dumpor, see the steps below and follow them.

First of all, you need to download the dumpor app from playstore.

Now sign in to you account.

Find the post that you need to save in your device.

You’ll see three dots at the top right corner of the post.

When you will click on three dots, you’ll see a menu.

From the menu, select the “copy link.”

Now go back to dumpor app and paste the link in download section.

Hit the download button.

The post will be saved to your device.


We have found the websites that works like dumpor. You can see them below. With these websites you can see Instagram stories, posts and information. It will help you to find the required information.

There are many websites that provide free tools on your mobile phone for this purpose. Hever, the most interesting thing is you can see public profile of any person without revealing your identity.


On the website Picuki, individuals may view Instagram stories while remaining anonymous. It’s quite simple, to put it simply. You may enjoy everything that public Instagram accounts have to offer, including their stories, videos, and images. There is no need to provide the personal information like phone number, email address etc. In my personal opinion, PICUKI is the best dumpor alternative.

These all things will be elective for users. The main feature of this site is that it protect users ’privacy with its free use. Picuki is really friendly to run. Privacy is main concern of this site. Even it hides your search related their names. They don’t know  that you are searching their names on another service at the same time.


If you want to download Instagram content,you must use Imginn. This amazing dumpor alternative provide fantastic service to its users. Users can view or download videos, pictures, reels and posts. Even the  owner of account will be unaware. It allows to explore contents freely for users. The interesting thing of this site is that you can pinch or steal contents of other person in very smart way. The content’ owner do not about your this act.

But, the important thing to use before it, you must know about this platform. You must have information about limitations of this platform. However, imginn should not totally certain about monitoring of accounts. But, this site do not give access for private communication such as postings and messages. It  just gives access to public contents like pictures and videos to its users. This site does not permit to share contents from outside of platform. Graphical video content and introductory text are available to this website.


Instalkr, the excellent web app allows to browse privately Instagram stories. You just need to enter username on Instagram. User’ profile will open in front of you and you can view it. No sign up or log in requires to open users’ page quickly. Its use level of tool is too much convenient. But,other users will require help to know what you are  looking on their profiles. However, it is greatest  source to view private user’ accounts according to many users.

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