Coaxial Speaker Cable: Definitive GUIDE (2023 Updated!)

Most people look for cables for home audio. However, audio cable has great impact on the quality of sound. In this article, we are going to cover the information of coaxial speaker cable in detail.

If you want to enjoy the high-quality music, you should try coaxial speaker cable. The perfect quality of cable can help to hear clean and clear sound.

What is Coaxial Speaker Cable?

Do you know about coaxial speaker cable? It is an electric cable that transmits the audio from input source to speakers by using RF signals. The range of transmission bandwidth is 20 KHz to 300 GHz. The benefit of this cable is that the quality of sound is not affected by external waves. Therefore, you get better and clear sound quality.

The other name of this cable is Coax speaker cable. TV antennae, modems, and cable boxes all have speaker cables in addition to being used to carry audio and video signals.

Types of connectors used for Coaxial Speaker Cable

There are five types of connectors used for coaxial speaker cable. Different devices require various connectors depending on the application.

The most common types of Coax connectors are:


BNC Connector

SMA Connector

F-Type Connector

RCA Connector

Applications for RF and video employ BNC connections. It is compatible with frequencies up to 10 GHz. Up to 4 GHz, it will remain stable. Losses will increase as a signal is radiated by it.

Up to 18GHz, the N connection can be utilized at lower frequencies. There are several applications for the RF system.

Purpose of Coaxial Cables

Coax cables are widely used for information transmission. In recent years, an antenna has connected to internet as a feeder line. However, these types of cables have many advantages. Coaxial speaker cables are effective for high-frequency transmission.

These cables are used frequently. Moreover, we can achieve diffusion-free transmission with these cables. Anyhow, to start with the coax cable, you need to fix it with some electronic device.

Is Coaxial audio good?

The overall system of audio bases on audio cables. The quality of cable significantly affect the clearance of sound. It has great impact on sound quality. Therefore, it is necessary to know the type of cable you are using. A coaxial speaker cable is a wire being used in audio systems to experience high-quality of sound.

These cables have the ability to carry high-frequency signals with minimum noise. Coax cables are better than optical wires. As it provides a better range of audio quality. The reason is that it has variable bandwidth and supports 24-bit/192KHz audio.

You can buy these cables in various gauges. Some sound systems require high gauge wire while others need low. The optimum size of the coaxial speaker cable is 18-gauge. You can use an 18-gauge wire for high-quality sound without any interference. Moreover, we recommend HDMI cables because they support a variety of formats.

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Use of Coaxial Speaker Cable for the speaker wire?

Coax can be utilized as a speaker cable, but the method is ineffective. Make sure to replace the normal F-connections in your system with RCA connectors.

Although powered woofers perform best, any speaker ought to function in theory.

When utilizing coax as a speaker connection, impedance load on the amplifier is a problem, and you won’t drive it as hard due to higher setup resistance.

Results will come from taking the chance of destroying everything in the process. The risk increases with the distance between you and the cable.

The easiest method to reduce risk is to keep your equipment as close as you can to the coaxial connection. If you maintain things in the kHz range, you’ll enjoy sound-producing routing.

What can you use coaxial cable for?

Coaxial cable transmission of data and video is a common practice. Internet connections, digital audio, and cable television signals have all been utilized in the past. They offer a number of benefits over other transmission line types.

They are typically employed when attenuation is weak because they are particularly effective at high frequencies. Some designs allow for the transmission of signals without any diffusion.

How to Attach a Coaxial Speaker Cable to the speaker?

Using a coaxial wire, it is simple to connect your speaker to the sound system’s audio input. Any electronics store should carry a standard coaxial cable, which you will need.

It’s time to connect your speakers now that you have the core wire and braids from the coax disassembly at your disposal.

To utilize the speaker, attach its core wire to the speaker’s red connector. Connect the receiver’s opposite end to the back in the same colour.

Attach one end of the braided strand to the same colour connection on the rear of your receiver using the black connector on a typical speaker.

If you wish to connect your speakers to your system in series or parallel, the same rules apply.

Stick with the core wire (negative) for all of your red (positive) connections rather than using braided wire.

After setting up everything, you should hear sound coming from your speakers. If your system is tiny, you might get a similar or even better sound quality by using coax in place of the factory wiring.

A high-end audio system with top-of-the-line speakers is not a good candidate for coax, and the restrictions of the core wire lower the overall quality of your listening experience.

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