Most people need to be more natural experts at traveling. It is a quality that can only be acquired through on-the-road experience. Missed buses, stupid decisions, cultural ignorance, and numerous small mistakes contribute to developing travel savvy. Then, one day, you start easily navigating airports and assimilating into different cultures like a fish in the water.

You make a lot of travel errors at first.

But because I frequently make mistakes, I want to help you avoid them and speed up the process. To that end, I compiled this extensive collection of my greatest travel advice that addresses every conceivable topic to enable you to become a true travel ninja.

These suggestions are things I’ve learned from my sixteen years as a nomad.

With this travel advice, you can cut costs, enjoy more local experiences, meet people, sleep better, and be a better traveler.

Here is the top travel advice in the entire world, without further ado:

Always Keep a Towel with You

It’s both the secret of successfully getting about the galaxy and common sense. Whether it’s at the beach, on a picnic, or to dry off after a shower, you never know when you’ll need it. Even though most hostels provide towels, you can never be sure if they will or not, and bringing a small towel won’t significantly increase the weight of your suitcase.

Regular towels are excessively thick and cumbersome (and take a long time to dry), so make sure they’re lightweight, quick-drying towels. My favorite travel towels are from Dry Fox (you can save 15% with the code “nomadic matt”)!

Carry a Small Bag or Backpack

If you get a small backpack, you will be forced to pack lightly and avoid carrying too much stuff (I prefer something around 35/45 liters). Humans have an innate desire to occupy space. You’ll eventually think, “Well, I guess I can take more,” and fill that space even if you first pack lightly yet have a lot of excess capacity in your suitcase. You’ll eventually regret it because you’ll be carrying a lot of unnecessary items and additional weight.

Have a Travel Light

Please make a list of necessities, divide it in half, and only bring that! Additionally, as I mentioned, you will only have a little space for other items since you purchased a small backpack. You won’t need as many clothes as you think, so bring only half of what you’ll need. Wearing the same T-shirt several days in a row is OK.

Keep Extra Socks

You’ll lose a lot due to wear and tear, hiking, and laundry gremlins, so bringing extra will be helpful. Take more than you think you’ll need. Count on me for this. A brand-new pair of socks is the best!

Bring an Extra Credit Card and Bank Card

Disasters occur, and stuff is taken or compromised. I’ve had cards duplicated and frozen before. I was unable to utilize it for the rest of my journey. I was overjoyed to have a backup. You want to be stranded with access to your money somewhere new. Once, a buddy experienced this, and while waiting for their new card to arrive, they had to borrow money for me for weeks.

Use a Tool For Comparing Flights

Flight booking is now 100 times easier than it formerly was, thanks to flight comparison websites like Skyscanner. Skyscanner presents all possible flight combinations for your specified departure and arrival locations. Along the trip, searching every airline and even recommended detours. The nicest feature is the option to search by month, which gives you a comprehensive perspective of the most affordable travel dates.

Places On Instagram To Bookmark

Instagram is a top resource for discovering new and upcoming destinations whenever we have travel plans. Most Instagram users use the location tagging feature, making it possible to see the precise locations where they took stunning photos. Start saving those popular destinations that you notice your favorite travelers visiting.

Travel Insurance is a Must

One of the best pieces of travel advice we can give is this. Purchase travel insurance before you depart. The misconception that “I only need travel insurance if I am going off the beaten path” is unfounded. Anywhere can experience an accident.

Dave and I were on a lavish cruise a few years ago when he fell down some steps and fractured his back. Without travel insurance, we would have been forced to pay close to $100,000 in hospital and air ambulance expenses. It is a given that you should get travel insurance.

Employ Local Guides

Hiring a local guide is among our best travel advice. You immediately assist the local economy by using local guides. It eliminates the middleman and benefits neighborhood families. Hiring locals will also enable you to save money. You pay the tour operator, the middleman, and the rent for an expensive office when you reserve excursions from abroad or online.

The money goes into that person’s pocket when you make a local reservation. It’s also a fantastic chance to meet new people and become immersed in the community. They frequently extended invitations to us to their houses, providing us with more memorable trip experiences.

Benefit From Free Walking Tours

The fact that you may join free walking tours worldwide is one of our favorite pieces of advice for travelers. We always sign up for a free walking tour when we arrive in a new city. It’s a fantastic method to navigate the city. We only discovered this was one of the best travel advice once we had been around the world for a few years.

These free walking tours, however, are fantastic! The free walking tours are typically preferable to those that you reserve online in advance. Locals conduct them, and at the end of the tour, you only pay what feels comfortable. Typically, we recommend $10 per person.

Pick Your Tours Wisely

In our early travels, we frequently committed similar errors. Therefore we felt compelled to pass along this crucial advice. Choose a trustworthy business while selecting your tours. Ask questions; if you don’t feel comfortable answering them, don’t be afraid to decline.

Don’t ride elephants, don’t swim with captive dolphins, and don’t go after wild animals. Everyone claimed to be one when we searched for elephant sanctuaries in Chiang Mai. We discovered that they weren’t an elephant sanctuary when we inquired and learned that they let tourists ride the animals.

Respect Local Culture

Finding out about the local culture and customs before traveling to a new place is one of the finest travel advice we can offer. Research the culture’s fashion sense and social mores before you travel to understand what is considered appropriate conduct. By blending in, you’ll feel more at ease and prevent embarrassing mistakes from being made.

Take Several Photos

Dave and I were always ashamed to request pictures from others. And right now, there aren’t many of us present. As you stand in front of those internationally famous landmarks, request that other visitors take your picture. Additionally, make sure it’s not just a selfie! We started taking selfies and discovered they all turned out to be identical.

Take those memorable pictures and begin creating memories. Then print out some of them. Make printouts of these to display when you go home to serve as a reminder of your incredible trip experiences, rather than just keeping them on your phone or computer.

Be adaptable

To conclude, be flexible with your plans. While making travel plans is a wonderful idea, keeping an open mind to new opportunities is equally crucial. After tourists suggested we go to Borneo to climb Mount Kinabalu with them, we adjusted our plans.

This is the first time we’ve made a better choice than this one. While on a Malaysian island, I encountered individuals traveling to KL to observe Thaipusam. Even though we had no idea what Thaipusam was, we went with them and participated in the world’s most amazing and shocking celebration.

Eat Street Food Without Fear

Feel free to eat food from the streets. It is frequently the most genuine and fresh. Here’s great travel advice: Eating food that has been boiled, fried, or cooked over an open flame is OK. Watch out that the person behind the counter doesn’t touch it with their bare hands after cooking.

We roam the neighborhood looking for food vendors while surrounded by people. We avoid the pricey tourist traps and instead hang out with the regulars at their neighborhood hangout.

Update Your Family and Friends

Whether taking a quick overnight or an extended international trip, it’s always a good idea to let friends or relatives back home know where you’ll be. Send a copy of your itinerary to a few people you can count on to keep track of your whereabouts before you depart. Ensure your contacts know your whereabouts by checking in with them frequently.

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