9 Best Brands of Best Chocolate in India that Make it Excellent in 2023

Best Chocolate in India: Everyone likes chocolate. It connects all ages, ideas, beliefs, and social classes. Chocolate is the ideal treat for commemorating both happy and sad occasions. One thing may bring so much harmony and happiness into our lives, so we crave it more. Different chocolates evoke different emotions. They relieve tension and solve all problems, from wrath to joy. Our favorite chocolates are below, and you can vote for the finest in India by commenting and shopping here.

Choose from 9 Best Brands of Best Chocolate in India:

1. Cadbury—Best Chocolate in India

Cadbury is a famous chocolate brand in India. Cadbury started in the UK in 1824 and moved to India in the 1950s. Cadbury is one of the most successful and famous Indian chocolate companies since then.

Cadbury Silk, Perk, Bournville, 5 Star, Dairy Milk, and Gems are possibly the best-selling Indian chocolates, along with Celebrations. Cadbury Dairy Milk crackling, fruit, and nut items cost between Rs. 5 and Rs. 500.

Dairy Milk Silk is a new Cadbury chocolate in India. It tastes strong and is pricey. It has quickly gained market demand. Cadbury makes many more chocolate products, including spread and powder. The world’s second-largest chocolate brand is Cadbury.

Features of Product:

• Rock chocolate shape

• Unique gift collections

• The pack includes 1 5-star 3D-42g, 2 Cadbury dairy milk-23g, and 1 Cadbury dairy milk. Crackle-36g, 2 Cadbury dairy milk units Fruit & Nut-36g and 2 Cadbury dairy milk units Roasted Almond-36g

2. Mason & Co.

Many folks like this organic, vegan chocolate bar.

The “bean-to-bar” chocolate is Mason & Co. Mason & Co cleans, roasts, cracks, winnows, and grinds cacao beans for their chocolate.

They are a “farmer direct” company, working directly with their farmers who harvest and prepare the best cacao.

Interesting fact: this company was founded by a chocolate-loving lawyer and sound engineer. France-born sound engineer Fabien loves exquisite food and chocolates, while lawyer Jane is a chocolate maker.

They provide several Indian chocolate bar flavors, including those below:

• Intense Dark chocolate.

• Zesty Orange Dark Chocolate

• A combination of dark chocolate, sourdough, and sea salt

• Dark Coconut Milk Chocolate

• Dark Chocolate with Chilies and Cinnamon

• Dark Chocolate with Rosemary and Sea Salt

• Dark Chocolate with Black Sesame and Raisin

• Dark Peanut Butter Chocolate

• A combination of bitter chocolate, peppermint, and sweet nibs.

3. Parle Chocolates

The Parle brand is Belgian. One of the most popular chocolate brands, the brand offers biscuits and desserts with its superior dark cocoa chocolate flavor.

Parle chocolates:

Kaccha Mango Bites,


Mazelo Kismi,

And éclairs,


4. Nestle Is A Popular Indian Chocolate Brand

Nestle is a global food and beverage company with subsidiaries in India. India has eight Nestle facilities and many co-packers. Nestle’s Kit-Kat is India’s best chocolate. This wafer has smooth, high-quality chocolate. Eat, break, snap!

Milky Bar is a brand of white chocolate bar that was manufactured by Nestle and sold in India. The chocolates Aero, Bar One, Smarties, and Munch are the ones that sell the most for Nestle. The quality of its chocolates makes it one of India’s top brands. It is India’s best-recognized food and beverage firm and a famous chocolate brand. Other Nestle goods include Maggi, Nescafe, and Milkmaid.

Features of Product:

• Wafer bar

• Dipped in creamy milk chocolate

• No preservatives added

5. Pascati

Another famous Indian chocolate brand!

Indian artisan chocolate brand Pascati was founded in 2015.

Another “bean-to-bar” Indian chocolate brand that employs premium ingredients and sustains sourcing.

Co-founder Devansh Ashar graduated from Pomona-based California Polytechnic University. He returned to India in 2009.

After seeing his nephew eating a chewy bar, he made handmade chocolates in India. He asked his nephew why the bar wasn’t melt-in-your-mouth like Lindt Swiss chocolates.

Devansh then researched the “bean-to-bar” chocolate-making process on Google.

He subsequently took an Ecole Chocolat Canada online chocolate-making course.

Devansh made chocolate for family and friends and sold it at weekend markets.

He found a 400-square-foot space to sell his high-quality Indian chocolates.

One of India’s most famous chocolate brands is Devanish’s!

Pascati chocolates are distributed in many major Indian cities after moving to a 4,500-square-foot facility.

6. Snickers Peanut Bar

Hungry? Get a Snickers! This chocolate bar is delicious and fills your tummy and heart with caramel and peanuts for crunch and cream. Prepare for a chocolatey nutty collision with the Snickers chocolate pack, and forget about tension.

7. Mars Chocolate

Mars makes chocolates, gum, and mints. Snickers makes caramel, peanut, and milk chocolate bars.

Mars chocolate:

• M&M’s,

• Snickers,

• Mars bar,

• Three Musketeers

• Milky Way,

• Skittles,

• Twix.

8. Amul is also a Best Chocolate in India

Milk-focused Amul is India’s leading milk and chocolate brand. Additionally, Amul makes some of India’s best chocolate. Amul is known for its milk and related products, but its chocolates are equally famous.

The 1948-founded enterprise has made India the world’s largest milk producer. Its best-selling chocolates include Amul Fruit n Nut, Single Origin Dark Chocolate, and Mystic Mocha.

Amul Dark Chocolate is the best, according to chocolate experts. It tastes powerful and wealthy due to its 99% cacao content. Amul Dark Chocolate, with its bitter taste and low sugar, helps individuals stick to their diets while enjoying chocolate. No one likes the bitter taste of Amul Dark Chocolate? Try Amul Dark 55%, 90%, or 75% Bitter.

Features of Product:

• Chocolate form: Toffee

• Packed with milk goodness

• Multiple chocolate bites in a reusable tub

9. Godiva Chocolate

In 1926, Belgium launched Godiva Chocolates, an international chocolate brand. Lady Godiva inspired Pierre Draps Sr. and his sons, hence the company’s name.

In November 2007, Turkish Yıldız Holding acquired the company, while MBK Partners later acquired a stake in 2019. This company has opened over 500 cafés across America, Europe, and Asia. They want to open 2,000 GODIVA cafes worldwide with rich chocolate drinks, pastries, and truffles. Godiva chocolates are rare and costly. Premium chocolate and truffle gift boxes are available for loved ones!

Features of Product:

• Chocolate flavor: Hazelnut and Chocolate

• Non-vegetarian ingredients

• Premium chocolate package for presenting loved ones.

Wrapping Up: Best Chocolate in India

Make the best impact on your loved ones with the Best Chocolate in India! Combine chocolate with personalized wrapping paper and a box. Online and offline retailers sell these famous chocolates.

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