11 Most Excellent Websites & Apps Like Quadpay (2023)

In order to decide which competitor or similar alternative provides the most excellent service, you might also want to know apps like Quadpay with other options. It’s crucial to consider the platform’s dependability and convenience of usage while looking for Quadpay substitutes. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of what they thought were the most excellent Quadpay substitutes in this post.

What You Need to Know About Quadpay?

With Quadpay, you can divide an online payment into four equal installments at no interest, as the name says. As soon as you join up and link your payment with a credit or debit card, you can use Quadpay, a well-known payment platform, to pay for your online purchases. From the moment of purchase, Quadpay will deduct four charges from your payment method.

Each merchant can establish a minimum and maximum qualifying purchase amount; however, Quadpay does not impose any minimum purchase amounts on its consumers. The exact shipping procedures that apply to other payment methods also apply to your purchases when you use QuadPay.

Apps Like Quadpay

These are a few of the top applications similar to Quadpay for online shopping.


Zebit is an online store where you can get anything from jewellery to household appliances to computers and cell phones. It features the newest styles from well-known companies like Sony, Nintendo, Apple, Samsung, and others.

For the majority of purchases, the platform provides interest-free payment options for up to six months. With no yearly fee or initial interest rate, you can receive up to $2,500 in credit (depending on your income and past payments). Approved customers are given an initial budget of $1,000–$2,500.

Zebit verifies your identity and income statement before granting you conditional credit for the first amount you want to spend. It uses particular credit reporting bureaus to verify information; this has no bearing on your FICO score.


Through Afterpay’s rewards programme, users can purchase gift cards from certain brands, receive discounts, and postpone payments for up to seven days by using their points.

Two varieties of buy-now, pay-later financing are available through Afterpay. Pay in 4 is the first option, where clients pay the first installment at the time of purchase and then three more times every two weeks until the whole is paid. Although Pay in 4 doesn’t impose interest or finance costs, late fees may apply to clients. The total amount of late fees levied can reach 25% of the order value. However, these fines will be at most $8 for each missed payment.

A six- or 12-month loan that must be repaid each month for purchases exceeding $400 is Afterpay’s other BNPL option. There is interest associated with this choice, and the rate is determined by a soft credit inquiry—a query that has no adverse effects on your credit. Afterpay will also consider past payment history when determining interest rates for returning consumers.

Be aware that Afterpay could negatively impact your credit by reporting past-due payments to credit bureaus.

Another notable feature of Afterpay is its virtual cards, which can be used to make payments in-store and are accessible through Google Wallet and Apple Wallet.

Lastly, although the majority of App Store reviews are favourable overall, reviews on Google Play show that users of Android devices have been having problems with the app ever since the July 31st, 2023 update.

PayPal Gift Card

PayPal Credit is a line of credit that allows customers to make online purchases and pay for them over time with interest-free options.

For orders over $99, there is a six-month promotional period during which there is no interest. Customers can now make more significant purchases without having to pay interest right away. Customers are able to select their preferred method of payment. There are no prepayment penalties if they choose to pay off their balance in full at any time, or they can choose to make the minimum payments.

Due to its widespread acceptance by retailers, millions of clients may easily finance their purchases with a single credit line.

In a matter of minutes, customers can apply for PayPal Credit and get a judgement right away. The service has neither an annual fee nor an over-limit cost.

The versatility of PayPal Credit’s payment alternatives is one of its most substantial benefits. Consumers have the option to pay off their balance in full at any moment or to make minimum payments and maintain a balance. Because they won’t be penalised for paying in advance, they may now manage their cash flow and pay for their goods at their own pace.

Affirmed: Best App to Buy Now Pay Later

The most sensible method of payment over time is affirmed. You can obtain what you want without going over budget because you can shop practically anywhere and pay at your speed without incurring any penalties.

CEO Max Levchin, who also co-founded the business that became PayPal, started Affirm in 2012. With a $10.6 billion market value, it is traded on the Nasdaq.

Affirm says it offers a new perspective on consumer finance by helping customers buy the things they want without going into too much debt. A closer look at Affirm’s operations and the advantages and disadvantages of its short-term installment loan options are provided here.

Splitit: An App to Replace Affirm

Using the Splitit payment platform, you may split the purchase amount into four interest-free payments. You’ll have more time on your hands to pay for the item in this way. Unlike other installment payment plans available, this one allows your customer to schedule an appointment with you as soon as they submit their order. All of the information pertaining to their purchase, including their name, email address, shipping address, etc., will be visible to you.

They will automatically mail the item to your buyer once each installment has been paid in full and within the allotted period. They will instantly terminate the transaction from their system and send a cancellation notification to all parties involved (you and the user) if any portion of an installment payment has not been made within the allotted time.


With FuturePay, you can put off paying until later if you mostly make purchases online. FuturePay transactions are not accompanied by any additional costs or requirements. You can only gain from online shopping and having goods delivered right to your door.

The remaining price can be paid each month in quantities ranging from $25 to $100 once the transaction has been completed. You are also free to pay in full if that is your preference.

Each time a $50 amount is carried over from one month to the next, you will be assessed a $1.50 fee. What distinguishes FuturePay is its transparency. It provides flexible payment arrangements and minimal fees.


With the help of various financing options and reputable brands, Perpay is an eCommerce platform powered by fintech that makes it simpler for users to purchase their preferred goods and spread out payments.

When you sign up, the site gathers some basic information about you, and it uses that to allocate a spending limit to you. It doesn’t perform a rigorous credit check.

Using the allocated limit, you can browse the Perpay marketplace’s top-rated brands in a variety of categories. You can divide the payment for a costly item into eight installments, each of which will be free of interest.

Apple’s Pay Later

 Because it’s a fantastic choice for iPhone owners or Apple devotees who would prefer to keep all payments inside Apple’s app store, Pay Later from Apple made our list.

Since Apple Pay Later is built into Apple Wallet, it still makes our list even though it’s not an app. This service is incredibly convenient for iPhone users because it allows customers to apply, use, and manage their loans within the Apple Wallet app.

A pay-in-four option with 0% interest and no fees is available with Apple Pay Later. This is different from other BNPLs, who typically impose late fees on their pay-in-four schemes. Customers should be aware that this payment option requires them to attach a debit card. Therefore, users will be responsible for any bank overdraft fees, and Apple will automatically deduct the amount on due dates.

Customers using Apple Pay Later can modify the payment dates but not the automatic payments. Apple will freeze your account if you don’t make a payment or if it’s past due. Along with loan and payment history, Apple may also record past-due payments to credit bureaus, which may affect your credit score.

Sadly, Apple does not provide a monthly installment plan to help spread the expense of expensive products.


Zip provides interest-free financing options and installment plans to its consumers.

It provides financing choices for purchases that are interest-free, making it a cost-effective substitute for standard credit card borrowing.

It gives clients the option to select a repayment timeline and plan from weekly to monthly installments. There are no yearly, application, or prepayment penalties. It takes a variety of payment options, such as PayPal, bank transfers, and credit/debit cards.

The “Shop Everywhere” function of Zip, which enables users to use the Zip app to shop at any physical or virtual retailer that takes Visa cards, is one of its best features. Customers can benefit from interest-free financing alternatives offered by Zip at a variety of stores thanks to this functionality.

GoCardless: An Alternative App to Klarna

The top provider of direct bank payment solutions in the world, GoCardless makes it easy to take one-time or recurring payments straight from clients’ bank accounts via open banking and direct debit. It handles more than USD 30 billion in payments annually from over 30 nations.

Through the creation of a global network for direct bank pay, businesses are now able to take money out of their clients’ bank accounts automatically. Through the GoCardless dashboard or one of the more than 200 partner integrations that offer a smooth experience, merchants may manage their payments directly. Merchants may automatically collect recurring payments from their customer’s bank accounts and settle them in their native country thanks to their global network.

 Viabill: Superior App to Affirm

You can pay for your goods using Viabill in four equal installments. As a result, you’ll have more time to pay for the things you value most. You are not required to return the item; instead, the extended payment terms provide you with a little more time.

The goal of Viabill’s service, which enables users to pay for things over time, is to assist clients in managing their investments. You can divide your purchase prices into four equal installments using Viabill. They have observed that some platforms charge you every two weeks rather than monthly, which offers you more time to pay for your purchases on Viabill.

Last Remarks

Some of the best substitute websites and applications for QuadPay that we’ve listed above you may already be aware of. All in all, these are some excellent buy now, pay later options that you may want to consider using for your subsequent purchases.

It is entirely up to you whether you continue to use Quadpay as your primary platform for purchases and pay later services or move to alternative applications that function similarly to Quadpay. In any case, it’s helpful to know that there are numerous choices.

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